Great beginning... miserable end A review of Sheraton Columbus at Capitol Square Hotel

We arrived for a 3 day 2 night stay "girls long weekend" and stayed here as I was a Hyatt Gold Member. At the outset we found the place to be very nice. Rooms were spacious and the bathroom huge. The heat in the room was overwhelming and while the person from Engineering managed to get the temperature down a lot, it was still a little stifling in the room. Also, our room key cards seemed to die after a few hours and we had to get them reset about 5 times over the trip, which made us well-known to the front desk staff. We used the valet service which was exemplary for our many trips throughout the city, and also used both hotel bars (one on one night, the other the second) as starting points for our evening outings.

On the last day, however, the front desk staff changed. And it was a complete about face in terms of their behaviour. Gone were the cheerful faces and in came the hotel police. We were sitting in the lobby waiting for the last members of our party to join us, and in the space of 15 minutes had to prove 3 times that we actually were hotel guests! First we were just asked. Second time (by someone else) we were required to show our key cards, and third time (yet another person, accompanied by the 2nd person) we had to provide information on the room was registered under. We were informed, rudely, that it was 'for the security of other guests.' And that if we felt that, as current guests, we were not being treated fairly that was our 'problem'. We were all glad that we were no longer going to be among those other guests. The same folks who had harangued us also checked us out... and were rude throughout that process too.

What had been a wonderful trip - a nice hotel with up-til-then genial staff - turned into a very sour experience. I will need some persuading before I can be convinced to return to this hotel.

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