Great Beds, Horrible Pool A review of Four Points by Sheraton Cocoa Beach

The rooms are fresh and new with excellent beds. That's about the only positive thing I have to say about this hotel. We reserved a suite because we are a family of five, and the room was great except for the fact that the window looked out on the retail store, so we had to keep the curtains closed for privacy, making it feel like we were in a cave. Also, the TV was placed between the couch area and the bed area, so it was directly in front of the divider wall, making it awkward to watch.

There is a parking garage attached to the hotel that offers free parking for shoppers and for the public beach across the road. When we pulled in there was not a spot to park for check-in available, so we had to park on the 4th floor of the parking garage, then go down to the first floor to check in, then go back up. Enroute we passed a few intoxicated guys with beer cans. As a family with kids 12, 9, and 6, I felt we didn't fit in, and felt a little uneasy about our hotel choice.

Then, we saw the pool. If you picture yourself lounging by the pool while the kids swim, DON"T stay here! The pool is extremely small and on the lower level of the parking garage, completely covered and surrounded by concrete. The smell of exhaust is overpowering. The area was filthy with garbage strewn about, including beer cans and "goobers" by the pool. Local surfer kids reached around the fence and opened the door from the outside to come in and use the hot tub. I was definitely regretting our choice of hotel.

The next morning we had to step over a pile of vomit to get into our car. That was all I could handle! We were supposed to stay for 5 nights, but we checked out that morning and went to the Hilton. For $20 more a night we had a partial ocean view, directly on the beach, with an excellent pool area. Needless to say, we were very disappointed with the Four Points.

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