Grand opening - Great Place, Beautiful Rooms A review of Hotel ZaZa Houston

I was lucky enough to know someone who knows someone that hooked us up for the big grand opening bash. They were expecting 1500+ people. OMG, we were so lucky to have a room! The person who invited me forgot to get me on the rooming list, so the front desk was scrambling to find me a room. They were very nice and managed to get it figured out.

We were the first occupants of the room.

I was in a small room, possibly one of the smallest... not complaining at all, mind you. It was a normal size room with a full size bed. Since no room type with a single full size bed is listed on the website, I am not sure what it is called.

The room was very serene in muted tones of brown, mushroomy-taupe, black and white.

There was a black marble desk along the entire length of one wall with a huge window behind it. The bed had a headboard made using an image of a semi-naked lady. Linens were high quality and the bed was firm and cushy.

There was a separate little dressing room with a leather chair that has a large closet with a safe. The bathroom was simple and modern. Marble and dark wood, Bulgari products. WONDERFUL robes!!! Not terry cloth. They are the Seersucker kimonos made by Telegraph Hill. One size fits anyone... size 6 or 26 and are perfect for the warm summer months.

The carpet is a deep brown and has pattern sculpted in it and there is a large LCD TV hanging on the wall.

Before I went down to the party, I went up to the 10/11/12th floors to tour the suites. They are just beautiful. The views are amazing. I had no clue Houston was so pretty! There is a beautiful park across the street with several fountains, monuments and much to see. The hotel certainly takes advantage of the park views. Just beautiful. I don't have photos of the tour because I forgot to take an extra card for my camera so you will have to read all about the rooms on the Zaza website. The photos look exactly like the rooms looked.

We went down to the party floors 1/2 and it was just nuts! People everywhere! Despite that, we walked all the hotel space. The public areas are interesting and eclectic. The pool is H-O-T. Man is this place going to be THE scene in Houston. There are lots of cabanas and rooms that open up to the pool area. So after going to see everything we retired to our room. There was so much racket and commotion in the hotel, we expected to hear it all night. We did not. In fact, all we heard was the occasional rude person screaming immediately outside our door. Looking out the window I could see but never heard the train that passed frequently on the street. There were balcony rooms immediatly next to my window room and I never heard anything. They must have fortified the soundproofing.

The next day I called down and asked for a late check out. No problem. We took a walk in the park and when we came back we noticed fresh pastries, Illy coffee and teas in the foyer of our floor. The pastries were made fresh at the hotel and were DELICIOUS, possibly the best I have ever had. Thank God, because we were starving!

Check out was a breeze and they had our car up within minutes.

I hope that I will be able to stay here again in the future... I have a feeling it will be sold to capacity all the time!

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