Got the Blues at Blue Harbor A review of Blue Harbor Resort

Driving up to the Blue Harbor Resort entrance we all said WOW the building is beautiful and HUGE!

After that, it was one disappointment after another.

To find your room just follow the cherrio trail from the front desk to the elevator. (Do they not own a vaccuum here??) Take the elevator that is literally encrusted with hand smudges and other unmentionables all over it. Enter your room to find leftover books from the previous guests along with some leftover ashes in the ashtray. At this point try to enter the bathroom without banging your shin on the toilet..... there is about 2 feet of floor space in there. We questioned the cleanliness of the sheets so we slept with our clothes on. For fun we went to the waterpark with the kids and it was difficult to relax in the Turtle area (Hot tub) without seeing the numerous band-aids and french fries floating around. yeeech! Food at the restaurants was nothing worth raving about.

For $300 bucks night do yourself a favor, leave the kids at home and stay at the American Club...that place is luxury!

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Blue Harbor Resort
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