Good value on the weekend A review of Dallas Marriott City Center

We stayed here two years ago when it was Le Meridien and before it was remodled. The difference is amazing.

The rooms were very nice and comfortable, the beds are almost as good as advertised, lots of pillows.

Two minor problems: First, you could not turn the bathroom light on without also turning the coffee station/closet area light on at the same time. So if you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night you woke up your spouse.

Second, there seemed to be some undesirables roaming around the hallways. We got a knock on the door late at night and when I answered throught the door, the guy just left. Then I saw him the next morning just roaming around the Plaza of the Americas with a cell phone stuck to his ear. He didn't look like he could afford to stay there.

By the way, the shopping mall in the atrium of the hotel is dead on the weekends.

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