Good value for money in russian style A review of Hotel Moscow (Moskva)

I was in Moskva Hotel April 2004 and got a renovated room (now all rooms are renovated) and the room was ok, clean and not so small. I like the athmosphere of hotel, the huge reception, small bars, shops, huge restaurant and even that small night club with "working girls". It remains me "the good old days of Sovjet Union" and my first tour to Leningrad and Moskva Hotel in 1984.

And I like the breakfast, too. So many things to eat, russian style salads, vegetables and lovely cottage cheese. And dark and strong tea and pancakes. I did not eat in the restaurant, but have few beers in the nice cafeteria near reception. And I do not expect excellent service in Russia, they do not have that kind of culture. Trust me, 20 years ago it was even worse.

Metrostation is beside the Hotel and a little kiosk, where they sell beer. It is a russian habit to drink beer from a bottle in the streets. I saw men in the suits doing it in Moscow too. I am from Finland, so maybe that's why I am just used to drunken people in the streets.

So, if You want value for your money (rooms are cheap) and taste of russian culture, stay in Moskva Hotel.

Marja from Finland

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Hotel Moscow (Moskva)
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