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We stayed at Smuggler's Notch last year in June - they had a promotion which combined with their Timeshare preview option worked out well for us.

It takes a while to get up there, you actually have to go through the notch, the road winds up and down, it is very narrow, inclines at 45 %, but in the summer it should not be a problem. You can always loop around but that would be extra 10 miles.

The resort is set up as a village with two sections: old and new. The new sections have much nicer accommodations but it is a hike since it is up the hill. They are running shuttles, but sometimes you have to wait. I drove a lot because of that. The old section has all the attractions and amenities but the units are not in great shape overall.

The biggest focus of this resort is definitely kids. If you don't have kids - this is probably not the best place for you, there are much more private places around. Their camp runs since 9 am through 3 pm, they have several interest groups: games, arts, hiking. They did not take our 3-year old because she wasn't t-trained yet but they gave us 2 free days of day care, which is nice. The counselors are high-school kids and students; it is all depends who you get. This camp, in my opinion, is the major reason to go there - most of the kids like it although I saw some teenagers wandering around clearly bored. There is a petting zoo, and Driving Range with a resident PGA right there, which I enjoyed. My wife took a 2-day tennis course. All these "extras" are not cheap, check their catalog.

One problem you have there is food. They do have a restaurant; it is OK but not more. All suites have kitchen, but to get to the country store it is about 15 miles down the road. This store is expensive. There is also a very nice Shopping Center, but it is about 26 miles down the same road - lots of driving. In terms of restaurants, I'd try the Austrian place - Trapp Family Lodge (Sounds of Music) - great views too.

The resort has a lot of guided hiking to offer, but gauge your fitness appropriately, don't try Elephants Head unless you are up to it!

Overall, I think it is a decent place, their staff was very nice, but this resort is expensive, their sticker prices is way too high. Need to wait for a promotion or rent privately.

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