Good not Great A review of Hotel Max

The Hotel Max was formerly known as The Vance Hotel and has recently undergone a complete refit, transferring the hotel into a trendy boutique residence, showcasing local art and design.

However, the quality of art is not the main consideration of most travellers and whilst the hotel was certainly stylish, the following review is based on general standards expected of a city centre hotel.


Centrally located a couple of blocks from the main shopping area of Seattle. For those people using the Grayline airport transporter bus, the nearest stop is at the Westin Hotel just around the corner.


The rooms, bathrooms and lobby are all spotlessly clean.


I had a room at the back of the hotel on the 4th Floor and was disturbed by the extremely loud air conditioning units that were situated on the garage roof.


Very modern is design with the latest Dell LCD TVs

Very comfortable bed.

Slightly cramped shower cubicle.

Very little closet space.

Mini Bar empty


Appeared efficient.


Competitive compared with other hotels in Seattle.


Cannot comment as the restaurant was not completed at the time I stayed there.


I would recommend the Hotel Max to anyone on a budget who is looking for a centrally located hotel that is clean and modern.

However, should you be the type of traveller who likes to spend a lot of time in their hotel, I would recommend a stay at one of the larger hotels in town.

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