Good News and Bad News A review of Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins

We were looking forward to a quiet, back to nature getaway in luxury surroundings, based on talking with the reservations staff in advance prior to our arrival. And the pictures on the web site looked fantastic, so it had to be true, right???

The Bad News: First, there was construction noise right below our room, since they were building additional cabins next to the main lodge. That's OK, but just tell me first on the phone prior to my arrival, so I can make a choice if I will still book the room. If you offer me a discount, and I take it, knowing that there will be noise, that's my choice. Omitting the info from prospective customers will not make them happy after they drive all that distance to get there. Then we were lied to by the receptionist about the length of time the noise would continue. "They stop work at about 3 p.m. " is a lie when they keep working till after 6 p.m. We asked for another room, but there were none available, except right next door, facing the same way. Not to worry! There is an air conditioner for the room, so we don't have to keep the window open. (Room was very hot and stuffy upon arrival). The small A/C unit was, as promised, noisy enough to drown out the construction noise, but was inefficient in cooling the room until about 3 a.m. As a matter of fact, the temperature in the room kept increasing all evening. And we did have the window open to assist the A/C in cooling the room down. It was very cool outside, just not in our room. So there we were in the middle of an alpine paradise, but we were sweating it out in our room on the 3d floor the majority of the time. We are not picky folks, nor are we accustomed to going to 5 star resorts. But the prices here indicated a level of hotel quality that would at least have adequate cooling of rooms. I think the lodge's pricing is too high for what you get. Dining on-site was convenient, but over priced. Food was ok, not great. (We're also not picky eaters either. ) Back in the room, I saw what I thought was a toy of some sort in a basket near the window, but it turns out that is was a very narrow metal ladder to fling out the window in case of a fire. No smoke detectors were observed in the room, which was totally constructed of knotty pine. The steps leading up to the 3d floor are very narrow and steep, which make hauling up suitcases quite an adventure, and can't imagine evacuation in that old, wooden building down those steps during a fire. The room itself was spacious, but there were 2 large posts (floor to ceiling) in the middle of the room near the beds. We had to use our cell phones as night lights, so we wouldn't bang into those posts if we got up in the middle of the night. They were located right in the walk area between the beds and the bathroom! And the bathroom had a huge step(not a normal step) down from the bedroom area, so again, the cell phones' light helped to avert a potential disaster.

The Good News: The setting of the lodge is beautiful, with wild life nearby. At least a dozen deer showed up near the property, which were visible from the lodge's back deck. There are hiking trails near the lodge, as well as large chairs to just take in the scenery. The historic lodge (building) itself is beautiful and the first floor interior is well appointed. The rooms also are well furnished and clean. Beds are the Westin Heavenly Beds, so are very plush. There is a Bose stereo to listen to with CD's provided. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the people are friendly.

Recommendations: 1. Ask about construction and noise when you call to make a reservation, since there is potential for more future buildings on the grounds. 2. During the hot summer months, ask for a room on the first (ground) floor if possible, not just for convenience, and for more comfortable,cooler temps, but also for fire safety. The whole place is made of knotty pine. Where are the smoke detectors? And on the 3d floor, the only emergency exit is out your window! (My brother has been in a hotel fire, so I am not being paranoid--they happen more than you know, and there should be fire codes in place. ) 3. Try to get some dinner recommendations for reservations at some other places in Greer. We took the easy way out, by eating right at the lodge, and we paid the price. The whole experience for us was very pricey, and we didn't even get a good nights' sleep. So much for the heavenly beds when it's 90 degrees in your room! I think you can get more value for your money elsewhere, such as the Red Setter Inn, which is off the main road. Also I think there are more convenient, closer-in locations than Greer, that can offer you similar alpine getaways. Driving an hour or 2 less distance from Phoenix or other AZ cities means more vacation time, less driving time. Check the web and do more research than we obviously did.

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