Good meal, but... A review of L'Auberge Provencale Bed and Breakfast

My husband and I stayed at L'Auberge Provencale in July, 2005. Let me start by saying that the dinner we had at the Inn was very good... so, this made up for what was lacking elsewhere; however, I do not think I would return for the night -- perhaps just for dinner. We made the mistake of staying at the Villa -- too far from the Inn. After a meal with wine, the drive back to the Villa on dark country roads is not safe -- there should be a car that takes guests back and forth from the Villa to the main Inn. When we arrived at the Villa, there was nobody around -- we had to call the main Inn after waiting around for 10 minutes. Shortly thereafter a woman appeared -- the housekeeper -- to show us to our room. She asked if we needed anything. My husband told her I was in need of a small snack. She directed us to the Sheetz gas station a mile up the road for a hot dog or hamburger?! The Inn had a nice pool. We were excited to unwind pooliside and enjoy some afternoon sun. Unfortunately, all of the lounge chairs were taken up -- there were 6 of them to accommodate the guests in the three rooms the Inn offers. We let the housekeeper know immediately that there was nowhere to sit ouside. She seemed befuddled and told us that had never come up before and she would check on it for us. We never heard back from her. This was a bit sad as the pool is one of the reasons to stay at the Villa. Obviously, there was a couple at that pool that shouldn't have been there; however, we were never given an explanation. The room we were given was quaint and had a nice view of the pool we couldn't enjoy. This may seem like splitting hairs, but, a pet peeve of mine is cheap toilet paper, and this Inn has it. Come on! Splurge on the toilet paper! We arrived at the main Inn for dinner and were sat immediately. There are three roms in which one may dine. Unfortuately, we were sat in the least appealing of the three rooms -- the front room that is rather drab. If I ever return, I would certainly request to be seated in the "main" dining room that is cheerful and has a very nice ambiance. Lastly, another disappointment was the breakfast. I had stayed at the Inn a few years ago for a wedding and had a breakfast that was very memorable. I was looking forward to another. However, we were served a fruit cup that was not fresh, and then a savory breakfast that was more like a heavy lunch or even a dinner -- mushroom stuffed chicken, and a broccoli and asparagas flan. This did not go well with my coffee. If you decide to visit, stay in the main Inn and make sure you sit in the peach-colored dining room. Although the prices do not compare, if you are looking for the ultimate experience, go to the Inn at Little Washington -- nothing compares!

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