Good location squandered A review of Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center

.10 cents/ min phone card charges is just one of many annoying features about this hotel. Conviently situated on campus, it squanders its location by charging above average rates for mediocre rooms. restaurant is ok, and is the only one in walking distance. in keeping with the 'doesnt know what to do with a good thing' theme, they book jazz acts there every sunday thus ruling it out as an enjoyable evening dining spot. plan on getting a cab that night. Because it's at the university, one would think they would cater to travelers with computer needs.

instead they have one high speed data cord on the floor of the business center for a (one) laptop. the room phones have data ports (analog), but it will cost you per minute to use it, local or calling card. on the plus side, the meeting rooms are nice, and the front desk staff is quite helpful and friendly.

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