Good location/parking problems A review of Marriott Oakland City Center

I stayed at the Marriott Oakland City Center for two nights 15-17 April. The location is excellent if you are not interested in where the hotel is actually located and intend to drive to Berkeley, San Francisco, Emeryville or Piedmont, etc. It's freeway close. However the immediate neighborhood is definitely scarey at night which compounds with the parking which is in the convention center attached. There is nobody on guard and you enter a multipurpose elevator which happens to stop on the hotel's second floor to go to your room. I asked for a higher floor as one of the trip advisor's had noted, but found that even on 10th floor, I looked into convention center and a pool area which homeless were using to sleep overnight. My room was well maintained, but the bathroom was very small and the orientation was strange due to its being located in one of the corners of the hotel. This hotel was originally a Hyatt when it first opened taken over by Marriott. The common areas of the hotel seem to serve as a pass through of street traffic enroute to parking, convention center, or just walking through and were not useful during stay. I would have stated that I had an above average stay in the hotel, except that I was told by the bellman and parking staff on duty to self park my rental car across the street from the hotel overnight (Sat.-Sun) that there was no ticketing and awoke to drive off and found myself with a $48 ticket for that overnight parking tip. The hotel states that there is a flat $12 fee for parking per day if you use self parking: this is incorrect: there is a $15 fee for parking in the convention center parking facility if more than 6 hours, but you pay $3 or more per hour every time you enter or leave the facility. Hotel is good for short stays in Bay Area when you're driving around to several locations and don't care where you're located as long as in center or close to locations to be visited. There is city noise at night including sirens, motorcycles racing up and down Broadway, and it is not a safe location for night walks or hanging out in the area around hotel.

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