Good location, but who gave them 4 stars?! A review of Hans Memling Hotel

We booked this hotel last minute over the internet for one night and got a very decent rate.

We had asked for a double and were given a fairly decent sized room.

However, it was on the ground floor right on the street. Buses rumbled noisily past outside and although there were nets on the window, the proximity of the pavement and large low windows afforded little sense of privacy. There were no other doubles available, so we were very disappointed to be moved to a twin on the first floor, which was tiny, with a really cramped bathroom; but at least it was quiet and had privacy.

There was a sense of dinginess about our room - the grey nets and dingy window frames and sills could have done with a wash (as could those in the restaurant), and there was a strange smell, which we identified the next morning as smoked bacon when we realised we were above the breakfast kitchen. The bilious mustard tinge given by the yellow walls and dim lighting to the late 80's style bedspread and curtains certainly didn't help the ambience either.

Although this was our second night in Bruges, we had previously been travelling non-stop for many hours and had been walking round sightseeing during the day. Consequently I was quite stiff and looking forward to a soothing power shower massage. Unfortunately, when I turned the showerhead onto the massage setting, just a fine spray came out of one hole, the showerhead was that clogged up with calcified scum - very disappointing!!!

This lack of attention to detail is a shame, because I think that generally the hotel was clean (the bedding, bathroom furniture and surfaces, table linen etc seemed spotless).

Having had a very comfortable stay at the Scandic (also 4*) the night before, we felt that by comparison the facilities, quality of decor and level of cleanliness at the Hans Memling seemed more like 2 - 3*. The only advantage was its central location - 2 minutes walk from the Markt.

On a more positive note, the restaurant had a pleasant ambience, the bar room was quite impressive and the buffet breakfast excellent.

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