Good location but I wouldn't call it 4 star A review of Alykanas Beach Apart-Hotel

After reading so many glowing reviews here I have decided that I must be a very fussy person!

Although the location of the hotel couldn't be better - right on the beach, a couple of minutes walk to bars and restaurants - the hotel itself was a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, the pools were lovely, especially the one next to the beach, what a fantastic view but it's the little things that really got my goat.

For instance, if you are taking children who want to play in the pool all day please, please buy them a pair of swim shoes! We were lucky and already had a pair with us for playing on the shingly beach but as we didn't put them on in the pool by the end of day 2 the skin on her toes had worn away and was sore.

The problem is that the grouting is so deep that the edges of the tiles stick out and scrape your feet. We saw one girl with no swim shoes whos toes were bleeding. Ouch!

There's a notice on the wall saying that towels used to reserve sunbeds will be removed. This didn't happen. What a shame.

The maids were friendly but just seemed to mop, empty the bin, take all the top covers off your bed, dump them in the nearest chair, then leave! We had to remake the beds every day. Not what I want to be doing on holiday.

According to our brochure it's an AAAA graded hotel. We've been to places with the same rating before and come back to rooms beautifully clean, tidied, surfaces wiped, etc. Not so here. The bedding was changed twice in the two weeks we were there. The towels were changed perhaps three times. I should've guessed from the fact that the brochure skipped this info that it wouldn't be happening often. I'll know better next time.

To moan on a bit more about the brochure description, there is no mini-market. The signs are there, the shop itself is there, but it's shut. We hopefully peered through the window but no, there's no stock in there, just empty shelves and dust.

There are good things about the hotel! These are the location, the pools and the snack bar.

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