Good Hotel, Some Grumpy Staff A review of Embassy Suites Miami Airport

Ok, coming in from the Keys and being dressed like an islander, the front desk people looked at me funny when I first walked in but they were cool, they gave me good frontdesk service and off we go to our room. The lady that works at the hotel giftshop was grumpy, I was trying to get quarters to wash my clothes and she was brash as I was trying to figure out how many quarters I'd need, I felt like I was more of a nuisance than a customer to her. The second time I came down to get a candy bar, she was still grumpy. Sheesh!

The staff that mans the PM free drinks were great, I loved the atrium, I liked the room even though it was decorated a little too retro even for me. I wished the bathroom had a vent -- wink.. wink.. -- it can get a little stinky in there without one. Dont even bother opening your window, the traffic noise is overwhelming. The breakfast was fabulous - that was the best part. Traffic around the hotel is insane, even though it was perfect that our car rental return (Enterprise) was right across the street. Oh yeah... they need to do something about their beds, the springs on those suckers squeak anytime you sit on them. Will I stay here again? Maybe, but I'll probably avoid the gift shop.

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