Good hotel. Nothing Special A review of Senator Inn & Spa

I think this hotel does benefit a good deal from being the only 3+ star hotel in Augusta. The hotel was clean, the service was good, and the wireless internet worked. However, I did have a couple of complaints - The "Free" breakfast. This is a continental breakfast that you get for free, such as a donut, muffin, fruit cup, or bowl of cereal. You do have to pay $2.50 for soda, coffee, or juice however, and including your tip, you just paid $4.00 for a free breakfast of a muffin and a cup of joe. I'd recommend going to the bagel shop down the road. To the Best Western Senator - Keep the free breakfast, it only upsets your guests when you gouge us for the beverage.

The other complaint? The key stopped working twice. It's awesome having to walk all the way from your room to the front desk.

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