Good hotel, not new, but comfortable A review of Sheraton Bloomington

Terrific beds... like sleeping in feathers. The property is the first Sofitel in the US, so it's old... but they do what they can to keep it fresh and modern. You can tell that it's an old place, though.

Great job on:

- Front desk staff: attentive, terrific conceirge.

- Insulation: can't hear the hall, the road, or anything else for that matter. Slept sound.

- The little touches: fresh flowers in your bathroom, classical music playing when you first come into your room

- Check-in/check-out: Quick. Blazing.

- Wireless access: Good reception throughout. I used it in my room, the lobby, and the lounge area during the day.

Improvement needed on:

- Less-than-functional TV speaker in the bathroom. Cool idea, if it worked...

- When they remodeled (appears to be quite recent), they didn't make the corridors bright. They're fairly dark. Seem small and kind of cramped.

- Elevators are slooooooooooow.

- No AC outlets at all that aren't on a wall switch. I found this out when I turned out the lights to sleep and my cell phone didn't charge overnight.

- At a 4-star, you shouldn't have to ask for a needle and thread kit. It should already be in the room.

Considerations when selecting this hotel:

- As noted, it's not new. It's quite comfortable, very very quiet, classy, but not new. You can tell this the second you walk in.

- The rooms are somewhat smaller than what you may expect from a comparable property.

- Housekeeping will change linens, etc., but will not even attempt to tidy up. Some people like this, some don't.

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