Good Hotel but needs improvements A review of Marriott Hollywood Beach

The Hollywood Beach Marriott was only open two or three weeks when we stayed there. For the most part, almost everything was up-to-speed. Some things were a surprise. We were unhappily told that our "Concierge Level" room did not come with services that included breakfast or any food whatsoever in the Concierge Lounge because it was a weekend. I thought the hotel was encouraging weekend guests. After some discussions, we were given breakfast vouchers that enabled us to have a wonderful buffet. Dinner was a great disappointment in some respects. Service was unbelievably slow and the Special Lobster fra-diavolo turned out to be a few morsels of something on top of mexican (not Italian) flavored broad noodles. At the price we were to pay for the noodles they would have been the most expensive on earth. Our waiter arranged for a substitute fish dinner that was quite satisfactory. Otherwise service was very good. The lunch at poolside turned out to be exceptional, making up in part for the failed dinner. Personnel seemed to exhibit newness expected after a recent start for the hotel. If meal quality at dinner could be upgraded, the hotel represents a pleasant way to spend time in Hollywood.

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