Good for Houston, but needs finishing touches A review of Hotel ZaZa Houston

Stayed in a fantstico suite for one night for a birthday on the 30th, the hotel is a drastic improvement from the Warwick and a new style for Houston - but does not yet meet the standards of top hotels in other cities. The suite was large and the decorating was nice, but the execution was incomplete. The CD player was missing, the mini bar was a Wal Mart refrigerator that spilled all the contents when you opened the door and the finish was not complete. The light fixtures were loose, grout still on the widow and general puch out from the construction incomplete. The staff tries very hard, but you can tell they have not worked in even a four star hotel before. We had several people visit for the evening, the hotel made us come down to allow some people up to the room and others had no problem geeting into the hotel and up to the room. We ordered room service twice for different groups and it also was inconsistant at best - from not knowing their own menu, forgetting the order and not calling back if a dish was available, it was far below the standard set by the property. Overall the hotel does not yet meet the standard of a Ritz Carlton or even a JW Marriott - much less an independent luxury hotel. In the past six months I spent a week traveling the California cost and ten days in France - The ZaZa was below the standard of all hotels visited on both trips.

In addition, I had a friend rent a "Magnificent Seven" suite Friday night for the Police concert - but the air conditioning did not work in the suite - more than a inconvenience for a $1,200.00 suite

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