Good food, bad staff, many oother better options A review of Sturbridge Country Inn

First the good news. The attached restaurant was excellent, both the food and the waitstaff but that was about all I could say good about this place. I just returned today (12/30/03) from a two day stay at the Sturbridge Country Inn. The first problem I encountered was the rates.

When making the reservations several weeks ago I asked if one onf their specials, the Dine and Stay(which includes dinner) was available as a two for one special that they advertise on their web site. (Two nights for the price of one) I was quite specific in what I was asking for and the contents of the two for one package.After being put on hold for a couple minutess the reservation person said it was but the rate was $199.00 for the first night, second night was free, total of 232.00 with tax, a price that bore no resemblance to the fee structure thaet have on their web site but I figured for the extra nights dinner there was an extra charge so I said OK. A couple of days before the stay I get a call to reconfirm the reservation and I at that time while questioning a different reservationist I'm told that the two for one special only includes one nights dinner, not for both nights. If I hadn't already told the wife about her gift/trip I would have canceled then and there but decisded to go ahead and deal with the manager when I got there. I should have known better and bailed out while I could, be forwarned. The Inn itself is not a "Country Inn" by any means, it is an the main drag in the center of town, surrounded by rather run down shops and factory buildings. The rooms are decorated nicely but half of the jaccuzzis controls were jammed in the off position so only some of the jets worked and the glass screen on the fireplace was so dirty you could barely see the flames through it. Can't complain about the one dinner we did get. We both had a seafood dish and it was excellent as was the waitstaff. I would go to the restaurant again to eat but never to stay at the Inn.

We went out shopping for the day Monday and as I usually do in places I'm visiting for the first time set the psotion of the zippers on my suitcase so I could tell if it had been tampered with. Unfortunately on returning that evening the zippers were closed in a different location indicating that someone had indeed been going through our personal items while we were out for the day. Nothing was taken (I never leave anything of value in a suitcase anyway) but if I want a stranger rifleing through my personal belongings I'll take an airline flight where I can at least watch the security people violate my privacy. The room door was locked when we left and when we returned that evening so the obvious conclusion is that the house cleaning staff is less that honest. That might explain why they ask you to read the card on signing in that that states they are not responsible for your personal belongings.

The best was saved for last. In the morning when we were leaving I asked the desk clerk to speak to the manager. I was told there was no manager available. I then asked for the managers name so that I could mail them. After twice being refused the managers name I asked for the owners name. The desk clerk refused to give me the owners name and after the second request stated that the Inn was owned by a corporation. I then asked for the corporations name and she refused that as well and told me to send any comments to the Inn care of customer service.

My advice to other travelers. After spending a couple of days in the Sturbridge area I found there are many Inns, hotels and motels in more attractive surroundings and most likely with more helpful and honest staffs. Check around a little on the net and you'll likely find a better deal financially and a much nicer experience.

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