Good choice, but some improvement needed A review of Holiday Inn Bar Harbor Regency

WE have stayed at this hotel every summer for the last 5 years. There are so many nice things that this hotel offers, but consistently every year, the downside is the front desk. The positives- the upperfloor rooms (not facing the ocean) are good sized and nicely furnished. They have recently renovated the bathrooms, which are a nice size as well.

The upper floors have balconies and the hotel offers many extras. They have a great restaurant (always exceptionally good food-breakfasts to die for), a poolside bar, and a Lobster pound on site as well. IF you like the consistency of a good chain hotel with some extras, this is the best that the town offers--I think they like to preseve the scenic side and not have any highrises (understandable). Beds are comfortable, and all in all, the grounds are great. However, every year, there are problems upon arrival. We thought maybe we were jinxed, but found that numerous other guests have the same problem. Different rates that what you booked, or they can't find your reservation- TAKE THE PRINTOUT OF YOUR BOOKED ROOM IF YOU BOOK ONLINE- otherwise, if they lose your reservation, you're screwed. We saw this happen to a big family last July- they had to buy an oceanview room at a peak price and were furious. We've found that the front desk staff is summer-student help, not hotel professionals. SOme talk on the phone like they're working at a fast food place while cheking you in- paying no attention to what they're doing, others are fine. Just make sure you take your reservation confirmations. Other improvements needed- the halls are a bit warn, as is the carpet. All in all, it's a decent hotel.

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