Good but THIN WALLS!! A review of Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort

My mother and I stayed here in August 2001 in a one bedroom condo unit. The unit had a number of positives, including a large sitting room with a fold-out sofa bed which was surprisingly comfortable. The kitchen was also a big plus, fully equipped with dishes, silverware, cups and a large refrigerator/freezer. The kitchen also has a full size stove and a microwave oven. The resort operates a free shuttle to the nearby Winn Dixie supermarket a couple of times a week. Prices in the Bahamas are notoriously

high, and having the option to cook some of your meals instead of eating at restaurants is one way to economize. The resort also has several planned optional tours you can take throughout the week. For example a day at the lovely Gold Rock Beach which I highly recommend. They also have a dinner/show tour which I hear was excellent. If you like to scuba dive, you are in luck because the resort has a dive shop on site. And their dive boat had very few divers (5 or less) when they went out every morning. The resort also has a small car rental on site. This was very convenient.

The units have balconies that look out over a channel and the view is very picturesqe, however this resort is not on the beach itself. You will have to travel a couple of miles for this. We had a couple of problems with our unit which included a leak in the roof and the refrigerator door not closing properly. It seemed that the units could really use some updating. In addition to the leaky roof, there were signs of water damage in several places on the ceiling. We called the office concerning the leaky roof, and they eventually sent two maintenance people who put spackle in the cracks. The worst part bar none of these units is the paper thin walls. I have stayed in budget motels that had better insulation than the Ocean Reef Yacht Club. You would think with all the planning that went into this resort somebody would have given more thought to this issue. Because the walls are so thin, you unfortunately hear everything in the unit next to you. Thank goodness we had an end unit and therefore at least had only one shared wall. While lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I heard WORD FOR WORD the conversation the couple on the other side of the wall had, and they were not speaking in an elevated tone. At one point their phone rang, and I thought it was MY phone, the walls are so thin. To make matters worse, these units are set up so that the bed in one unit is back to back with the bed of the other unit on the other side of the wall. This makes it particularly disgusting when the other party has sex. When this happened, I turned up my clock radio as loud as possible so I didn't have to hear it. I would have loved to have been able to get up and leave the bedroom and sleep out in the living room sofa bed, but my mother was sleeping there-- thank goodness

so she didn't have to experience it. So I left my radio on for an hour. First thing the next morning I went to the office to talk to the manager. She was not in yet, so the secretary asked me why I wanted to see the manager. I told her that the walls were so thin I felt like I was in bed with the couple in the adjoining unit. Everybody in the office laughed except the secretary who told me that the manager was way too busy to see me and basically tough sh!t because they weren't going to put in new walls. Many times you will hear tourists talk of very rude Bahamians and she was definitely one, however I must say that she was the only rude person I encountered in the Bahamas. The manager eventually called me in the afternoon, and I came to her office to voice my concern. She moved my mom and I to a different unit, which was somewhat pointless since all the condo units have the same walls. This time the neighbors on the other side were older, and the gentleman seemed to have some sort of health problem--even though I never saw him--because he had a terrible cough which I heard throughout the night. When he wasn't coughing, he was snoring. I know this of course because of the substandard walls everything sounds like it is happening in your unit. It is very annoying because you DON'T WANT TO KNOW these kinds of things about people.

I spoke to some guests who were staying in the Townhome area of the resort and they stated that the walls of the Townhomes were much thicker and that they couldn't hear noise from the adjoining townhome. If you really

want to stay at this resort, then I would go the Townhome route.

This resort sells timeshares, and if you are considering buying, I suggest you rent a week first. The resort has a salesman who has a heavy handed pitch for timeshares. I finally asked him if he himself had ever stayed in one of the units. His answer was NO. I asked him why they would build a "luxury" resort with such thin walls, and of course he had no answer.

If only the walls were thicker, this resort would be worth every penny.

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