Good but not Spectacular A review of The Houstonian

My wife and I stayed at the Houstonian in June and generally enjoyed our stay. The rooms are nicely decorated and the floor-to-ceiling windows were quite nice. The food from room service was quite good, and the location in Houston is hard to beat. Also, the fitness center is truly a marvel. However, despite the expensive decorations, the rooms have the same floor-plan as a Holiday Inn, with an amazingly tiny bathroom. While the bed was incredibly comfortable, the hotel never quite convinced me that I was staying in a truly luxurious property. The pools were nice but their lay-out was not very pleasing and at times made for a crowded experience Also, the elevator area on our floor smelled musty, and staff couldn't seem to remember that the pine cone marked "do not disturb"--found in every room--really meant that. Also, I found it truly outrageous that the hotel starts to charge you by the hour ($15) for late-checkout-even if they have availability. That certainly gives you an idea of the limits of the hotel's service. In the end, you won't make a bad choice if you stay at the Houstonian. Just don't expect it to be the be-all-end-all of hotels. Here's a tip: Don't book a package where free parking is the featured perk--the parking is already free.

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