Good and bad A review of Breezes Resort Bahamas


The staff was very friendly and are trained to not take tips. The entertainment staff and house band was very good. I recommend getting involved since we had more fun partaking in the scheduled events. Tokens are given with a point value which can be used for gifts. We won so many points that we really did not even need to purchase gifts to take home. The Pastafari restaurant was a delighful experience. Once we realized that this was our preferred dining method, we made reservations everyday in advance for the remainder of our stay. The self serve drink machines were a good idea in the main lounge/pool area but I only liked the mango and premixed mudslides. The strawberry and pina colada were not that good. The pina colada was really bad. You can add as much rum (gold or light) or drink them plain. The pools were nice. Beach was nice. Plenty of chairs to go around. Nice loungers. Fried fish, ceasar salad and popped corn at the outdoor pool grill was good.


Rooms needed updating and maintenance. A Lot of contruction going on right now (Roofing, an addition to the front, paving, painting etc.) Bartenders were lazy in my opinion about mixing/blending drinks. Many of the self serve drink areas were not working consistently. Many of the self serve drink areas were half working with no ice etc. or the frozen ice machines were watery on several occassions. Bartenders were very inconsistent and lazy about making the drinks properly. It took a couple of days to figure out who the good bartenders were. I remember "Judy" being one of the WORST ones. 1/2 the jets on the jaccuzzi were not working. Watersports lifeguards were not very informative and they were hanging around the non-staffed watersport jet skiers trying to sell you a ride everytime we wanted to take something that was included. Dinner buffet wasn't that great. The activities and entertainment staff didn't start things on time or consistently with the event schedule typed up each day for a few of the events that we wanted to play.


Would I recoomend it? yes if you are an experienced traveller that knows how to make the best of a cheap vacation and you got a really good discounted rate. It is for people that want to stay active all day. I'd Wait until renovations are complete. Not luxurious and relaxing by anymeans although we did find a few quiet spots.


There is a water cooler in the gym which is located near the ping pong tables that always had water in it. We kept filling our water bottles from the gym machine. This was the most consitent drink machine in the place.(HA HA)

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