Good and bad, opened too soon A review of Great Wolf Lodge

As far as a venue for a fun good time, the waterpark is excellent. The only issue I had with the waterpark itself, was the snack shop that was selling alcohol. The problem is a small sign was on the counter stating to keep it inside of fenced area, but there was no enforcement. The beer was all over the park, including some sitting unattended on tables. We have to remeber this is a FAMILY fun park.

The hotel was unorganized and unprepaired. When we booked our room we were told it may not be ready before 4pm, but will be by 4pm. We were told we could still access the water park at 1pm, we just have to check in first. We arrived just before 2pm and the line was very long. I waited about an hour and then was given writsbands for the waterpark, but told I could not officially check in until after 4pm. I was told I had to wait through that same line again. I came back at 445 and again waited through that line and was told a room is still not available. I was told they were more than 40 employees short for housekeeping.

When I finally got my room, the door lock was not finished and the door did not secure to my satisfaction. The manager said being on the 8th floor is security enough. This obviously is a manager that does not have a clue. Only after being demanding and arguing, did he send maintenance to fix it. I don't mean to be picky, but I had children with me and secuiryt is very important to our family. We were also paying close to $400 for one night.

The arcade is fun for the kids, but expensive and several of the machines did not work. When I pointed out one of the more popular ones to staff, they looked at it and did nothing. I did not expect them to fix it on the spot, but they could have and should have put a sign on it. Kids were losing tokens on this machine.

The food was absolutely horrible. The snack shop at the pool repeatedly sold cold stale soft pretzels. We tried both Sunday and Monday. We were told it is just the way they are. At $3 for one, I demanded my money back.

All the food is very very expensive. There is only one restaurant in the hotel that serves breakfast. It is a buffet setup and is $18 for one adult and $8.95 for each child...are you kidding me $50 + for breakfast for my family! The rooms have refridgerators, bring your own breakfast.

My 8 year old had cut the bottom of both his toes on the rough ground inside the pool area. We managed to limp him to the bathroom, where I stopped a lifeguard who was wearing a first aid bag. I asked for two bandaides. He told me he could not help us and referred us to the other side of the pool. I pointed out my boy could not walk without pain and simply needed a bandaid. I also told him he would be risking infection by walking on the floor with open cuts. I also told him that he would be tracking blood all over the place. He then said that would be ok, because they would clean it up for us. So much for being health minded and educated on health issues.....this is a paid lifeguard.

It is my oppinion is that this waterpark is a fun place for the kids, but is very overpriced. It opened too soon. The facility was not ready, they did not have enough employees, and their staff are not trained and familiar with state laws.

It is my hope that they fix these issues, because it has potential to be a very nice experience for families. As is now, it is not worth the price.

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