Good affordable option vs. the Atlantis! A review of Comfort Suites Paradise Island

Comfort Suites vs. Atlantis - To all of those who may have doubts about CS, let me assure you, you can put your concerns to rest. This is our opinion, however, we have stayed in many hotels over the years, some better, some not so, but CS is a better option than the Atlantis, and here is why..... CS - small property with a lot to offer in terms of location, size of rooms, and amenities. No place is perfect, regardless of size, décor etc., and CS is no 5 star, however, we were looking for comfort, accessibility, a nice pool and clean rooms, with good amenities (notice I said good not great), and that's what we got. Yes you get what you pay for, but with CS you get that and a little bit more. The Rooms are basic but comfortable, with more than enough room for two, and would suit a family of four just fine. We also thought the room was spotless upon arrival, and was cleaned daily throughout our stay. The air-conditioning worked fine everyday, and the refrigerator was a decent size for our needs. The pool is small, but adequate, with a nice swim up bar. Crusoe's Café, offered Continental breakfast in the morning or made to order breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. My hubby ordered a Southwestern Omelet (under $10) our last morning there and he said it was pretty good. We also ate lunch there Saturday afternoon, and I ate a decent deluxe turkey club sandwich for around $10.00. Most mornings I was fine with the continental breakfast. Cont Breakfast is also served indoors as well. It can get really crowded after 9am, so if you are early risers, I suggest getting your fix early. It was plenty busy every morning for free breakfast, and why not, you have a choice, continental or made to order and with kids, you can't go wrong here. Our room was located in the old wing, but after seeing a room in the "new" wing, we really could not tell the difference. Our building was the better location and proximity to the Atlantis and the Marina. We were located on the 3rd floor, (not by choice, but they were sold out and I requested a higher floor in an email), but it was quieter on the 3rd floor, however, the steps were a bit much after all day outdoors. If you have any physical impairments or just do not like climbing stairs, try to get a lower floor. Our room was 337, which was also a good location to the pool , and ice machine. There is also a laundry facility on the 3rd floor, which we used once on our last night.. Note: I read some complaints about the walking distance to the Atlantis. I don't get it! Under a 10 minute walk and you were there... Royal towers, and lazy river rides are further away, but how much closer do you need to be, to have full access without paying for it. The Marina Village was at your doorstep as well. The location just can't be beat, period. Staff was friendly, there were some that needed a little boost in moral, but otherwise, service was fine. Overall we give CS a score of 8.5 Comparing the Atlantis to CS Atlantis - Here is where it gets interesting, and some may disagree, but that's okay, so here it goes..... Atlantis is a beautiful property. You get no arguments from me there....It is stunning in so many ways..However, that's where it ends for me....How does it compare to CS in terms of style, décor, etc?? I can only speak of the exterior, lobby areas, marketplace, aquarium, not the rooms, however, its like comparing apples to oranges, but CS cannot compete with this property and that's a good thing. Atlantis is a giant playground for water enthusiasts.,. If you like pools, lazy rivers, snorkeling, dolphin encounters, water rides, this is the place for you....but you better also like crowds...because there were plenty of people, especially on cruise ship days. This is where Comfort Suites wins over the Atlantis...CS is a great alternative after spending all day at the Atlantis.....My hubby had a great time at the Atlantis enjoying all the water rides, and I enjoyed lounging at the pools , meeting interesting people (when I managed to find a good spot), and also enjoyed the lazy river, however, when it was time to leave, CS was a treat....Quiet and peaceful retreat from AR. Now don't misunderstand me, the Atlantis is a very nice resort, there were nice pools everywhere, the beach was nice, but nicer in the early evenings when the crowds thinned out. The value meals are the best option on a budget or families with kids. But if we return to PI again CS would get my reservation every time.... Note - There is no cash accepted at the food huts, credit card or charge to your room...TIP: Since we did not want to use our charge card, or charge anything to our room, we purchased a gift card from the gift shop, and used that during our stay and it worked out great, because on our last night we had about $8.00 left and just used it in the Marina Village towards beverages. The prices at the Atlantis are Insane, there is no other way to describe it.....One lady told me a can of coke for her son was $2.75, and I kindly said to her, why are you paying that much for soda that he is wasting? (he left a ˝ full can of soda on the table and left to swim, came back and decided he did not want anymore, YIKES)!! We splurged one day for lunch ($62.00) at Lagoon Bar and Grill, and although the food was very good, we almost choked when we saw the bill. However, we were warned, by so many people at Tripadvisor, and they were not kidding. After that one huge bill for lunch, that was the end of splurging here or anywhere during our stay. It was just not worth it, and I will explain this later. Note - For people staying at CS, make sure you keep your pink cards with you at all times (these are the cards you receive when you check), this is how you get your new wristbands everyday and your towels from the towel huts. Everything at AR is expensive, period. But Paradise Island is expensive. Cross the bridge and it's a whole other world, Reality vs. Fantasy. The Atlantis was built for the Masses. Its big and beautiful, and you could spend all day here, but then you miss all that Nassau has to offer.
Reviewed by Jul 15, 2010
Comfort Suites Paradise Island
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