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We loved the Atlantis and nicknamed it “Las Vegas in the Bahamas.” The beautiful architecture and “over the top” interiors reminded us of the beautiful marble laden lobbies of the Bellagio, MGM Grand, and the Venetian in Las Vegas.

The Atlantis beaches were immaculate and the water was clear and turquoise.

The rooms are average--average furniture, bath, etc. Be prepared for average looking rooms and you won’t be disappointed. The sports activities are expensive, so come prepared to spend a little more.

We pre-purchased the gourmet meal plan (you must purchase this at least two weeks in advance of your arrival) and loved each restaurant. The service in restaurants such as the Bahamian Club and Villa de Este was superb. Yes, they automatically add the 15% tip to your bill, but after such wonderful food and service, you should tip 15% (at least). Pre-purchasing the meal plan saved us loads of money on food, which is very expensive at Atlantis.

At the Bahamian Club, I ordered thin pork cutlets breaded in crumbs and almonds, served with mashed potatoes. Instead of gravy, they covered the mashed potatoes with fried onions--Oh my God--was that good.

The beach lounge chairs have green and white striped canvas covers to shade you from the sun (your own little cabana). This feature helped eliminate the traditional sunburn we usually end up getting, because we never have time to get a base tan before going.

The slides look like they’d be loads of fun. However, we’re in our late 40’s, so we only went on the smaller, less heart stopping ones.

A free shuttle takes you around the whole of Paradise Island. There is a ferry that will take you into Nassau which costs $3.00. And, there are reasonably priced t-shirt and souvenir shops about a block down the street from the Atlantis.

Go--the Atlantis is a beautiful and friendly resort, and not as big as it seems (once you get your bearings).

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