Go Somewhere Else! A review of Seven Gables Inn

I, too, grew up in Clayton and remember how great this place once was. Not anymore. It seems someone's child got it as a present and is running it with a group of friends as a hobby. The noise from the courtyard is distracting, and the staff useless--I think our evening staff person was tipsy the night we arrived. When I said we were from LA she said she'd been there once and couldn't stand it, then giggled. As far as the other amenities their website claims it is quite inaccurate. For example, we never once had turn-down service or chocolates on our pillow, the furniture was terrible and run-down, the pictures on the walls are posters straight from the bargain basement (the website states 18th century oils are in the rooms). It is a standard boring place run by an immature group. I would not ever stay there again.

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