Go Somewhere Else A review of Hilton Americas - Houston

I booked and prepaid for a room at the Hilton Americas with the understanding that I would be given a room with either two queen beds or one king size bed. At check-in my boyfriend and I were told they only had "Parlor Rooms" available, and we were sent to one of those.

Parlor rooms are extremely small (about the size of my own bedroom) and only have a sofa bed. We were also told the bed would be made for us when we got to the room, but it wasn't, so we made it ourselves. The problem there is that we only had one flat pillow to share between the two of us. When we requested another pillow, we were given another blanket instead. The water pressure in the shower was nearly nonexistant, so I had to use the bath faucet just to rinse the shampoo from my hair. Privacy is also not an option. There were people on either side of us every night and it was possible to hear everything above a whisper. In addition to having no privacy, this means you will get no peace and quiet either! On several different nights we were kept awake by loud neighbors, as well as unanswered cellular phones ringing constantly at all hours.

The staff was friendly, but that doesn't make up for their lack of knowledge. When I checked in I was told I would be given a 50% refund for being put in a Parlor Room, I took her word for it so I never asked any further questions. The next morning I tried to leave the $12 per day parking garage with my room key, but it didn't work. That meant I had to pay $12 cash and then get a receipt to take to the desk later to get a refund. When I did that, I was told the $12 would be credited to my account, but when I saw my invoice I was actually charged twice for that day on my credit card as well as the $12 cash. When I checked out, that was very easily cleared up, but I also asked for some kind of receipt or confirmation regarding my 50% refund. This is when I was told I would only be able to receive a Hilton gift certificate because I booked online. Well, thank you very much Hilton -- But I think I will be staying elsewhere! I'm not sure I would like to deal with any of that again, even if it's free for a night. I have stayed at so many better quality hotels for a lot less money!

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