Go for dinner, Stay somewhere else A review of L'Auberge Provencale Bed and Breakfast

Dinner was fantastic! The service and quality of the menu and wine are consistant with a typical $300 meal. Breakfast was excellent as well.

The inn, though nice, falls quite short of luxury. We stayed in the nicest (and most expensive - $350/nt) room on the property and were disapointed in the lack of quality for the first class price. The room was spacious and beautifully furnished but management should address the following issues to give its guests a first class experience:

1) It seems that management has a set date to open the fireplaces. Again the snooty look and saying that it would not "be cold enough" to use the fireplaces. Well it was in the high 40's that night - cold enough for me. Since there was no fireplace, we tried the so-called heater which would only blow cold air and sounded like a turbine engine. It was a cold night after all. We would have appreciated it if management had informed us when we made the reservation as we would have gotten a room without a fireplace.

2) Many Inns and B&Bs in the area are happy to offer complimentary soft drinks and even beer & wine (though some just have a social hour) and small snacks like cheese and crackers. When we inquired about beverages and snacks we just got an confounded look and were told that a cheese plate could be billed to our room. I am still expecting a bill to come for the two waters that were placed in the room.

3) Cheap toilet paper - think worse than your average hotel chain (marriott, hyatt, etc)

It was apparent to us that the property has been established as a restaurant first and an inn second. While we enjoyed our stay, we would only return for dinner.

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