Gleaming Keystone at Christmas A review of Keystone Lodge & Spa

We spent Christmas at The Lodge and we loved it. We are in our 50`s with an experienced snowboarding 27yr old mature student son who resolved to teach me to snowboard in 4 days(yeah right!) We live in Berkshire England and we decided that we wanted a guaranteed White Christmas that would be different. Snowboarding was a challenge(Respect) and I have a sprained ankle and a cracked rib to show for it but you only live once. I booked the lodge thru Expedia in a rush in Sept and I then found out the lodge has its own dedicated site. I could have saved $200 for the 10 day booking by cutting Expedia out. Initially we were assigned room 101 on the ground floor which was right next to the staff swing doors for housekeeping and hotel deliverys. It took me 3 mins to decide a room change was required(the dinky wooden shutter slats on the windows dont close flush so anyone outside having a smoke can admire your physique)The staff were great(I suspect room 101 had been rejected before)and after 1 night we were moved to room 502 on the same level as the foyer and with a balcony. The resort itself is gleaming with free buses to Breckenridge(for a change) and Silverthorne retail outlet(important if you are a Brit and a pair of Levis is $25)Sorry I digress.

We used both restaraunts at the Lodge and found the quality and service to be 4plus* My only minor critisism would be to advise that the breakfast dining room on the ground floor needs a make over(A European 3* like Ibis is neater)and the young student staff could be a tad over relaxed and unattentive like, dont bother me please I have a hangover. But that was all. The Spa was fine (but the old guy attending to bookings in there is a grouch)and overall I would recommend the lodge for a winter stay. The Christmas day buffet was outstanding and excellent value at $200 for 3 including a bottle of Merlot. As a visitor it was a pleasure and a privelage to be skating with middle class America on the lake right outside the door on Christmas day. We would go back. Grant Macintosh.

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