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Don't be turned off by the negative reviews. People want different things out of a vacation. They have different standards of living. From Land Or you can enjoy the "Wow" and hub bub of Atlantis or veg out with a book in the quiet solitude of a garden with a fountain at Land Or --- or some of both--I am a timeshare owner at Land Or. This coming October will be my 5th trip down. Granted, it isn't fancy, it isn't big, Villas don't have vcr's and data ports There aren't hair dryers in the bathroom wall. So if that is what you want on your vacation, go to a big hotel and pay twice as much to get those things. But if you came to Paradise Island to slow down and decompress from "life" ---who needs data ports! That's why I like it. That is what I look for in a vacation. The kitchens make it convenient to not have to get dressed and out for breakfast or pay $40+ for a room service breakfast that you would in a hotel. The Club provides its own programs. Just pick and choose. If you don't like what they have to offer, just walk over to Atlantis or take advantage of any of the other activities that Nassau has to offer. Personally, I long for the day trip to Rose Island where you can really get away from it all, join in the activities (or not) or have a good piece of beach all to yourself. But I also enjoy the casino, spa, shows and restaurants of Atlantis I have NEVER found the villa to be any less clean than any other hotel room. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A COCKROACH! or even an ant in the villa. THE LINENS HAVE NEVER HAD AN ODOR. (I wonder if the person who said that has ever been to a third world country before!) If you are an outgoing person, then the staff will know your name by Wednesday If not, you will still find them friendly and helpful. If you have read the negative reviews, as I have, just keep in mind that you don't know what that person was expecting to find before they ever left home. As an owner of Land Or, I'm not exactly thrilled that Atlantis "surrounded" the property. I bought Land Or because all of PI was so different from the day to day routine of working in Washington DC. But now with Atlantis so close, from a base at Land Or you have choices -- run around like a nut all over Atlantis or veg out at Land Or like a palm tree -- or both Personally, for the difference in the price between a night at Land Or or a night at Atlantis, I'd rather stay at Land Or and spend the difference on a dinner at Graycliff.

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