Give it 6 months A review of The Cove Atlantis

We just got back from a week at The Cove, Apr 13th to 19th. Our arrival went smoothly, check in was a breeze in VIP (we gamble a fair bit). The entry area is absolutely beautiful. We had a representative walk us to our rooms, he was very friendly and answered all our questions well...even those about the complaints that we read about online.

It is still a bit of a joke that the property has so many "bugs" at this point and honestly probably 90% of the people that are trying to handle those complaints can't really do much to help the situation. I definitely think they need to hire/train LOTS more employees, from Housekeepers to Cooks.

All the employees we encountered were friendly except for the ones at Cove's Bell Desk where you get your limo. Ours was 45 minutes late to take us back to the airport and they were acting so rude towards us like it was our fault. Unbelievable.

Our rooms ended up being nice, not perfect, but an absolutely amazing view and large balcony. We had a Sapphire Suite with an adjoining regular room. Our view was of the Ocean and Royal Towers so we couldn't see the construction on the other side which was a little ugly & noisy. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what the rooms cost because they are comped by the casino so as far as value for the money I have no idea...

The hot water was slow, housekeeping slow, room service mediocre at best, our tvs didn't work the first day and the room actually seemed dusty like it probably didn't get a final clean after construction. There were lots of little things wrong with the room like missing tiles in the shower and drain plugs that didn't work. The A/C was sporadic.

The robes & the towels are very very nice if your maid remembers to leave you some of them. lol

I got out of the shower one morning and reached into the cabinet to get a towel and there were none so I looked in the closet for the robes and she had taken them too!

There were 9 in our group including 4 kids ages 1,3,10 & 13 so dining out was a bit of a challenge. We had great breakfasts at Mosaic, and an absolutely perfect dinner at Seafire in the Marina.

Seafire was one of the best dining experiences we have had recently because their timing was perfect along with their food which is extremely important for us. (If you have kids you'll really understand and appreciate not having to wait 30 minutes for appetizers) I think we were in and out of there in 1 1/2 hours with our steaks cooked perfectly! Some kind of record.

The kids loved Murray's Deli & the Pizzeria and Marketplace buffet.

Mesa Grill was another story and we thought we were so lucky to even get a reservation.

It took FOREVER to get the appetizers and although they were good it was just too long to wait with the younger kids. We even communicated to our server when we sat down that we needed speedy service if possible. We had a late reservation and the restaurant was not busy so he said no problem. But the biggest mess was our entrees. We ordered 5 steaks and only 2 of them were cooked properly, and after waiting an hour and 15 minutes for them to arrive we were very dissapointed. Of course we sent them back but when they came out of the kitchen again they were worse than the first time. A med/well that we had ordered was honestly dripping blood. Totally unacceptable.

The manager was also kind of a jerk because of course he offered to take them off the bill...oh we got to leave the restaurant at 10:30 at night with 3 guests that basically didn't even get to eat. Nice.

I don't know what was going on there... maybe he was ticked that we brought the kids? Whatever, we travel extensively and have thankfully not had an experience like that in an upscale restaurant.

We'll never waist our time with Mesa Grill again.

Bottom line, just go to Atlantis especially if you have kids. If you can afford it or like to gamble especially I'm sure the Cove will be great in 6 months. The casino reps here are great for comps.

We also recommend the Royal towers. The pools, ocean, lazy river and slides are truly spectacular. You won't be dissapointed if you aren't on too strict of a budget. I will warn you it is very expensive from the moment that you set foot in the airport compared to places like Disney and if you are expecting service like in Las Vegas, don't hold your breath. To eat cheaper get burgers by the pools they are excellent and the bags of Pineapple are 8 bucks there but one taste and you'll get over it!

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