Fustrated and disappointed, but ok A review of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Atlanta - Buckhead

I was greeted by a gentleman who was very pleasant, but little did I know I was headed for a breakdown. I received my key and headed to my "suite" to get ready for my high school reunion. I was suppose to have 2 double beds and a large sitting area. I opened the door and got a normal size room with one king bed. I called to complain because I made these reservations 6 months ahead to avoid any problems. I was helped and given another room one floor below. I was waiting there with my friend, and I was approach with a man with my key and another guest who claimed to have the same room! I went in and closed the door because I needed to get ready for the reunion. I had another small room, but at least 2 beds, I then relized I did not have a refrigerator liked I asked for. I was about to cry because I wanted to rest and take my time getting ready. I called once more and complained. The manager on duty was very nice and granted she did give us a great deal and showed me the room before I agreed to it, but I still do not see how it was a suite? The room was the size of a standard room. Anyways, I was happy to get two rooms with all I paid for with the accommodations I asked for the same price. I think that was the best solution possible from this hotel. I really appreciate the manage helping me the way she did, even though I was an hour late for my reunion. The next morning changed things a little more bitter because the front desk clerk was VERY RUDE and never did answer my questions. I even forgot a pair a shoes in one the the two rooms I was in proir to being finally settled, and she gave them to me on a ruler in front of other guest because she did not want to touch them? I am very happy with the manager, but disappointed with all that went on behind the front desk during check out.

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