Front desk never smile and not flexible ... A review of Hilton Mystic

This hotel is located at x90 of I-90 and across street of Mystic Aquarium, so location wise it is great, but maybe because they are busy, the front desk people are not friendly at all. The attitude is like "we never have problem to have customers, so you got what you were given, not happy?! we have long line waiting for your spot ..."

Their excuse of not able to provide service seems to be "We are sold out tongiht!" So, "sorry, we can not give you a non smoking room", "sorry, we can not give you a two double bed room" ... "sorry, but we are sold out tonight!!!"

The check out time is 11am, rather than standard 12pm check out time, and when you call the front desk, they would rush you out, and can extend you only 10 minutes. They sound very rude at front desk, no matter who you talk to; it seems it is a strict policy. They would just tell you they have been sold out again and again and their customers are going to check in soon ... etc. My wife and my kids finished breakfast a bid later, and they rush her out ... They don't seem to care whether you have breakfast there; you just have to be out of your room on time.

For $169 a night, you don't get what you deserve and the kind of respect, and you felt upset, and that mood screw you up on your holiday at mystic. I guess that's why Hilton Mystic has been rank #8 of 23 hotels at Mystic.

Facility wise it is much older than when I stayed years ago, they may need a major renovation sometime in the future ... In fact, the door man told me that they had a plan to do that with expansion of another 40 rooms, in addition to current 183 rooms.

For comparison, I went check out Residence Inn by Marriott, the mystic hotel rank #1 by tripadvisor, which is also close to many attractions but at Rt 27, north to I-90 x90, I have to say tripadvisor's ranking is very accurate. I was treated so polite and showed around the mansion that other tripadvisor authos of reviews talked about in their review and 2br suites that others like a lot, while my kids were playing basketball at their court with other hotel guest.

I will skip this Hilton Mystic next time I visit the area, and will book this Residence Inn by Marriott. I should have done that this time, but years ago I stayed at Hilton Mystic, it looked shine, and the front desk was nice when I did not have reservation at midnight; I was still given a nice double room. I could not believe it was ranked #8 until I visited again ...

I would not recommend anyone stay at this hotel unless you are very flexible, and check out by 11am while waiting in line to check out, even if you arrived late, and you take what you were given and not complain, after all it is just one short night stay. Btw, there is no in room high speed internet either.

If you still have to stay at this hotel, eat breakfast at nearby restaurants. McDonald is next block, and there are many other fast food and luxurous restaurants around too...

Or even better that if you check out by 11am and go to visit the wonderful museum Puquot Museum 10 minutes away --------------------------------------- their cafeteria would light you up for the rest of your trip; this is one of the best places in the area to visit...

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