Friendly, Professional, and a Sincere touch of Class A review of Sheraton Birmingham

I just wanted to take a moment to say how absolutely wonderful this hotel was. I have never written a review before, even though I do my fair share of traveling. This hotel however was amazing. People would not think of Birmingham as the most incredible or high polished towns, but this hotel stands out and shines as much as the city itself.

The rooms are more than adequate, and have the feeling of a true home away from home. And while I know Sheraton has a uniform bedding, there is just something about this hotel that helped me relax, focus and recharge. I found the rooms more than equipped with the latest high speed internet connectivity my team needed, ample phone service and GREAT room service and hotel restaurant which allowed us to save time on seaching through the city on the nights when we couldn't spare it. On the nights we did have time to explore and have a taste of Birmingham, I found the hotel staff among the most helpful and providing suggestions and directions to sights and sounds throughout the city.

Finally, I would just love to commend the hotel for its great conference facilty. Again, my team closed the deal with the help of meeting facilities that are geared for 21st century business.

Like I said, I don't write hotel reviews. The people at Sheraton and Birmingham deserve to be very proud of this fine facility, one I know I plan to use for business and pleasure many more times in the future. Kudos.

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