Four Stars (Self Awarded?) A review of Hans Memling Hotel

We have just returned from Brugge after going for a weekend birthday treat for my husband. The cost of the trip was extremely economical and therefore the listing of the Hans Memling Hotel as 4* was surprising.

However, it turned out to be more 2*. We had no major complaints - assessing it as 2*. Our interests lay outside the hotel and we spent most of our time outside the hotel, taking in the absolutely beautiful clean historic town, crammed full of top quality shops. I think the Hans Memling would be better advised to have themselves re-assessed by a reputable organisation and list themselves accordingly thereby avoiding unnecessary disappointment and bad reviews from some quarters.

The things that matter in the hotel are fine. cleanliness of bedrooms, en-suites. Breakfast is very good with a wide choice. Great as somewhere to rest your head without breaking the bank but as said for 4* read "2*"!

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