Four Seasons - you'll pay for the name... A review of Four Seasons Hotel Miami

We stayed at the Four Seasons Miami in late January - I had a business meeting on-site. It's a very nice hotel, but it seems to me that they everything is more expensive just because it has the name "Four Seasons". It's just plain expensive.

Rooms were very nice, very clean. Not huge, but sizeable. Bed was quite comfortable, and sheets were luxurious. Bathroom was quite nice as well - my wife loved the soaking tub. Had a decent view of the bay as well. The pool area was great, although the weather didn't really cooperate with us. The lobby was a little disappointing, as it was a little strange to get to (on the 7th floor), and there really wasn't a "lounge" like you would expect in a fine hotel. There were a few sofas/chairs, but in the main hallway, so not at all quiet. Meeting rooms were well laid out, and meeting food was decent. We had a late lunch at two of the restaurants, and neither was overwhelming. There's a pool restaurant that has light sandwiches and the like. And Acqua is the "fancy" restaurant which has a limited menu prior to 4 pm. It must not be the dinner chef before 4 pm, because none of the four of us was that impressed with the lunch. As others have mentioned, room service was expensive.

There's not very much within walking distance. There's a "Bagel Barn" just across the street that's not a bad option if you want to grab a reasonably priced soda/water/snack. A couple of blocks away are a few decent restaurants (Morton's Steakhouse, an Italian place, and Gordon Biersch brewhouse among others - go out the front of the building and turn right). We ate at Gordon Biersch - food was very good and pretty reasonable, but quite noisy (big happy hour crowd) and our waiter was awful.

Couple of other notes:

- They started charging for internet access in the rooms in December. It's $10 per day, plus you'll find out later they whack you another $1.49 for a "communication tax". That gets you access from whenever you first sign on until 12 pm the following day.

- Our room rate (which I assume was discounted for a meeting rate) was $329 a night. But they also get you for a 6% city tax and a 7% state tax, so it was about $372 a night by the time you work in taxes.

- We opted not to go to South Beach, but I think they said a taxi would run you at least $20-$25 to get you there, or possibly more depending on traffic. Don't quote me on that though.

- The turndown service came about 5-6 pm, which seemed a very odd time, since most people are getting ready for the evening around then. We had to wait in the hallway one day while they finished up. A colleague of mine said he was just getting out of the shower when housekeeping knocked and started to enter the room. So maybe take advantage of the "do not disturb" sign.

All in all, a very nice hotel, but if my company wasn't picking up the tab, I would have felt like I really overpaid. It's tough for me to swallow, but I guess a lot of people staying there don't blink an eye at $350 a night for a hotel.

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