Forget the Sea Lord A review of Sea Lord Hotel & Suites

Forget the Sea Lord. Though the view from our "deluxe" suite (about $200 per night) was beautiful, the management has lost its way on customer service. I'm not fussy, but first they only gave us 2 towels for 4 of us. That's fine, but when I requested 2 more I was questioned on why 2 wasn't enough. I said half a towel per person wouldn't do. Then at one point during our 3-night stay an employee actually entered the room without knocking. He was clearly there to see if we had the window open. My husband asked him to leave as people were showering, for Pete's sake. The man tried to push his way in and my husband finally had to tell him very forcefully to get out. And yes, he was definitely an employee.

One night we smelled smoke coming into the A/C vents and I called the front desk at 9 p.m.. Everyone had gone home for the night, no emergency number to call. You're on your own.

They neglected to mention that there was no maid service on Sun. So they didn't leave us enough toilet paper, and the next day I called down to say we were out. An hour passed and I called again. I couldn't believe that the woman's response was "well aren't you leaving today anyway?". Uh, yeah, but maybe someone would like to use the toilet before we go?! In fact my mother needed to use the bathroom and I said so. Then they tell me the toilet paper is in someone's car...and finally, when pressed, they say I can come down to the office and get a roll! So I go down there and they hand me a roll of paper, unwrapped, without a word. Meantime my mother had to go find a public restroom.

There were other things like ice-cold pool, pitiful "breakfast" and they gave other people a long list of rules upon check-in, though they gave us none at all, ancient sticky uncomfortable fold-out couch, a roach, etc. My husband, mother, son and I all ended up having to sleep in the bedroom together.

Ridiculous. I bet the Super 8 has better service and for much less money.

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