First Review of the Skirvin A review of The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City

Let's say I am proud to be the first to review the newly opened renovated Skirvin Hilton.

Ill begin with the hotel is beautiful from the outside and much nicer when you step in the lobby. My understanding is that the entire lobby was kept original from the days when the Skirvin Hotel was the premier hotel in the Midwest.

The check in process was smooth, and the bell service was excellent through out the week, well above average attentiveness.

The rooms a perfect balance of class, luxury and function. They were generously sized, with a very nice bathroom, and had ample room at the desk to work. The bed was very comfortable room also had a large LCD tv which was a nice feature.

The Park Ave Grill has morning breakfast but its ala carte which is unusual, and if you like to have a big plate of fruit or 3 lbs of bacon for one price, its not an option.

Probably the best feature of the hotel was the lobby bar. I was in town during the Big 12 basketball tournament and maybe it was because of an influx of people due to that event but the lobby bar was always crowded and people were all over having a good time. I find this to be a nice feature in a hotel as business traveller; it definitely helps you escape for the day, even if you don't join in.

Over all the Skirvin Hilton was very nice. There were a few service issues but I attributed that to the fact that they were open for about 29 minutes when I showed up. I definitely recommend

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