First Class hotel. A review of Hilton Prague

Stayed in the Hilton during the 2nd week of January 2004, this impressive hotel is located to the north east of the city on the banks of the River - The Hilton lives up to it international name in terms of service, room quality and of course its prices, its staff were excellent, warm and friendly.

Its above average score is due to the location, its overpriced taxis and room noise although this is to be expected in any very large International Hotel and none of this issues in anyway impacted our enjoyment of this fantastic city.

The Old town is a 20 min walk and a further 10 to Wenseslass Sq, though the hotel is close to major Tram stops and the metro which run until the early hours of the morning. Shop around for prices but if your used to the 5* lifestyle you cant go far wrong with the Hilton.

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