Fire the management! A review of Omni Hotel at Independence Park

Comfortable, seedy, excellent greeting staff, coffee served to room

service cold!. Fire the *****!!! If she can't get it right at almost

$11 bucks for 2 people. The coffee machine did not work in the morning!

The help speaks mostly Spanish in the kitchen -- forget it ! I am not

their educator!!!!. Whoever speaks to the kitchen gets a useless

hispanic who is trying hard but must deal with a female boss who

doesn't want to admit there are English speaking people on the phone

who want to scream and speak with someone who understands! The

Bartender hates the electronic piano, listen to her! She is what you

need there. I am so disappointed about your place. Also, when I wanted

Ice, the floors available were 3, 9, 12 . I took all of them to fill

one bucket. The sink was cracked and could not hold water. Breakfast

was typical but well served.

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Omni Hotel at Independence Park
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