Fine, but only at the introductory half-price rate A review of Pan Pacific Seattle

Stayed here overnight just to try it out and got the half-price introductory rate... which I believe runs through March. The hotel is on the bottom floors of a condo tower in a location that's not quite in downtown and not quite by Lake Union. I self-parked for $30 in the garage the hotel shares with Whole Foods. The front desk staff wasn't at all rude, but it wasn't very friendly either. Just kind of made no impression. The hotel lobby is tiny and quite modern, nicely finished but no "wow" factor. They gave me a nice, regular room on the 8th floor, overlooking the other two condo towers in the complex and the parking lot for some shops/entry of the hotel.

You can definitely be a voyeur and look into all the adjacent condos if you choose (not that I did), they're that close by.

The room was fine, but not spectacular. The bed was okay, but not that comfortable. The room was crisp and clean, although the use of fluorescent lighting by the door gave the room an eerie, unattractive feeling when you walked in. The marble-tiled bathroom was very large, almost taking up half the room, and nicely done. A screen separates you from the room if you're taking a bath... ostensibly you could watch the flatscreen TV in the room from the bathtub, if they had turned the tub around. To actually watch TV, you now have to sit on the drain. Not a great design. Nice showerhead. Lots of water pressure. The doors to the rooms clunk loudly, so you hear everyone entering their rooms nearby. Still, I slept pretty well.

The restaurant is still not open for breakfast (I believe they start serving it in mid-March), but there is a Starbucks actually connected to the hotel lobby. The gym is across the courtyard on the 2nd floor of another condo tower... you have to go outside through the main doors of the hotel to access it. Not a great design.

All in all, I had a fine-enough stay. But I don't know why you'd stay here if you want to be downtown... it's a long walk. And it's not like there are great views or anything (the hotel is on floors 1-11). The rooms are nicely done and modern, but nothing I haven't seen before. And when the introductory rate ends, this will be one expensive hotel. Unless you love, love, love Whole Foods so much you need to stay on top of one, I'd say there are better places to stay in Seattle. But I can't fault them too much. I had no problems. It just wasn't as great as I had hoped... so I'm giving them 4 stars.

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