Fine, but nothing special A review of Kahler Grand Hotel

Rochester is kind of a strange hotel town. There are three kinds of visitors: those here for defined stays secondary to conferences and/or IBM, those here because of family members at the Mayo for extended stays, and those here for rotations/interviews at the clinic. The advice is different for each.

I stayed here for two nights in one of the 91 dollar hotel rooms; I knew when I was coming and going. The room was about the quality of a Holiday Inn; it was cheaper than the Marriott/Hilton/Holiday Inn offerings that I could find on the net. If you come in late in night, it IS hard as can be to find your way in from the garage due to all the needlessly locked doors (against those wild Scandinavian street gangs???)...I ended up entering the facility through the bowels of the Gonda building and if I hadn't known where I was going I might still be wandering down there.

If you're looking for extended accomodations, honestly, I'd go elsewhere. There are very nice people offering rooms along 2nd Street for half the money (or less, if you talk to them). Nothing special, but clean, and some with kitchens available.

For the last, long term Mayo category, rumor has it that they keep about 20 of their 700+ rooms available for you "special" this case, welcome to Minnesota's little corner of hell.

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