Filthiest Place Ever! A review of Mt. Haven Resort & Restaurant

I stayed at Mt. Haven several years ago and am quite surprised that they have received some good reviews. I will say that I stayed in 1998; apparently they refurbished it in 2000.

My boyfriend at the time was looking for a romantic weekend in the Poconos to celebrate an anniversary. He saw a package deal advertised in our local free weekly for a jacuzzi room with dinner included.

I knew we were going to the Poconos, just not where as he blindfolded me halfway into the trip.

As mentioned before, they don't have a front desk and you just sort of walk into the restaurant and look around for someone. It is VERY much like a restaurant with a motel attached.

We arrived late in the evening and went to dinner first. I will admit that dinner was very good. They had an expansive salad bar that included a pasta bar; pick your own pasta and sauce and a chef heats it right up for you. We both ordered the filet mignon and mine had to be sent back twice. While it was good, it was VERY difficult trying to get someone's attention. There was only a handful of people dining that evening and the staff seemed otherwise occupied every time we looked for them.

After dinner, we went to find our room. The attached motel rooms were an absolute disgrace. There were cobwebs in the corners and stains all over the rug. I was willingly to overlook that stuff since it was supposed to be a romantic weekend and my bf had chosen this blind.

The supposed highlight of our stay was going to be the jacuzzi tub in the room; our first. Imagine our dismay and disgust when after we had filled the tub with water and turned on the jets, TONS of black filth spewed forth into the water! Ew!

We looked for a guest folder or booklet for a number to call. We found none. (This is also when we discovered cobwebs, etc.)

We walked back to the restaurant which was now closed and deserted. Back in the room, we searched frantically for his reservation information. There was a number to call! Phew! We called and found out through a recording that they closed at 10pm and no one was available on site. They gave a number for emergency use which I called and left a message on. I received a call back shortly from a woman who told us that the black goop was simply from other people who had used bubbles that they weren't supposed to. Apparently this place had a no bubbles allowed policy? This was posted nowhere, by the way; I'm convinced she made that up. She told us that all we needed to do was drain the tub and fill it again. The black crap should be gone now that we had run the jets the first time.

Ok. So we drained and cleaned the tub; refilled it again and ran it again. Still the same black goop pieces. We called again and she offered to have a maintenance man come and give us a cabin. They had more expensive rooms up the road in a rustic setting. She did make it seem like it would be a huge inconvinience for him, having to travel all of 25 minutes. I was so tired and frustrated that I declined and requested that first thing in the morning they move us.

Needless to say that we did not get much sleep as we were pretty grossed out by everything in the room. We ripped the comforter and blanket off the bed and laid down in our clothes on the sheets.

The next morning couldn't come any sooner. We were called and told to meet someone at one of the cabins up the road, as they would upgrade us for free. We drove up and searched for our cabin. No staff was there except 2 cleaning gals. The doors to the cabins they were cleaning were open and I peeked inside. They seemed lovely! I was sure we would get one of those after all the disgust we went through. But several minutes later a young boy in his teens drove up and led us to our cabin. He opened the door for us and helped us with the luggage. He apologized for the trouble and said let him know if we needed anything else.

This cabin looked old and in serious need of refurbishing as well. But there was a fireplace a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom and it seemed like it might be ok. The young man left and we went to settle in.

First thing was I tried to turn on a lamp. I say tried because it didn't light up. Oy! I thought it was burned out. So I called the restaurant number and requested a new bulb. We didn't do anything else but wait for that bulb. Ten minutes later same boy arrived with a bulb in hand. I pointed to the lamp with the burned out bulb. Well, I was wrong. It had no bulb! I found that quite odd, but we all assumed housekeeping must have simply forgot to replace it after they took out a bum one. The boy left and we finally set about to unpack - again.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed the same filth and cobwebs, only hidden much better. I tried to turn on one of the lamps on the nighttable. No go. I looked and yep! You guessed it. No bulb.

I was disgusted and frustrated and felt bad for my bf who had no idea; he had simply tried to arrange for a romantic weekend.

I filled the jacuzzi tub and turned it on. You guessed again! Black crud!

That was the final straw. We were leaving and I wanted our money back. We put the suitcases back in the car and drove down to the restaurant.

It was still very early and there were no guests around. I also looked for staff. They all seemed to be congrugated together in a far off corner. We stood around in full view of them for at least 15 minutes. Staff meeting? I don't know. But the owner was there and we were ignored.

I finally walked right up to this little group (at least 10) and told the manager I wanted to talk to him. He obliged and had us walk over to the bar area away from the staff.

I spoke calmly and cooly. I told him everything that had transpired and how dissappointed we were with the facility. He offered us a free night's stay next time we returned. I wasn't planning on ever returning. I asked if we could please have our money back. He said we had already eaten dinner. Of course, I said, I understand. Then let's tally up what our dinner was, deduct it from what we paid, and get the rest of the money back. He refused and noted a no refund policy. We saw this on our reservation form. But I felt that due to the circumstances he should wish to make us happy and oblige. No.

I was frustrated and angry. I said to my bf, let's just leave. But then I stopped. I couldn't believe the gall of this joint!

I left my boyfriend near the door and walked back. The owner was walking away from the bar. I demanded our money back. I do think he was quite surprised to hear someone so adamant about their request. He denied again. I lost it.

I tore into him and threatened to report him to the Better Business Bureau. He stood there slack-jawed. No response.

We left and when we returned home I did just that. I made a complaint to the local Better Business Bureau. Last time I checked, my complaint was still listed against them as unresolved.

Do not stay here. They may have made renovations to the physical but nothing can ever change the way we were treated.

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