Fantastic A review of Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas

We spent a fantastic 6 nights at the Sea Temple, Port Douglas. The resort has a great feel to it, the pool is amazing and the rooms were new and beautifully furnished.

We recommend going with the swimout room, it is perfect when you have little ones. We were able to swim just outside our room while the baby was sleeping safely inside!

We started with the penthouse room which has a BBQ and spa on the roof. While this would be great to entertain and have a party, it had no direct access to the pool. We switched to the swimout after 2 nights and never looked back.

The service wasn't top notch, we had problems with the spa that we received no response to after 3 phone calls. Also the evacute alarm went off one night at 2pm. The staff had no idea what needed to happen.

On our way home we discovered Palm Cove which is much nicer and has a better vibe than Port Douglas. Our suggestion is to try Sea Temple, Palm Cove. But if you are set on Port Douglas, we would definitely recommend the Sea Temple.

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Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas
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