Falls Short of Peers A review of Conrad Miami

We spent one night at the Conrad in Miami, late July, on a weekday. The best thing that I can say about this property was that thankfully we only spent $125 to stay there, and even that was not worth it in my eyes. The first shocker was the $24 parking fee. Take note, this fee is the same if you valet park or self park. I opted for self park, however after check-out I had to take my hotel bill and parking ticket to the parking cashier to validate my ticket to allow me to exit the parking facility. It took one clerk and a manager more than several minutes to complete this cumbersome process. They acted as if this was their first encounter with a self-parking guest, even though the hotel has been open for several weeks. My recommendation is to go ahead and valet park. It might cost you a few bucks in tips, but will save a great deal of time and hassle, and additionally that appears to be the direction that the hotel is strongly steering you toward anyway. Check-in process was ok, they weren't able to explain the precise process of how I would pay and exit the parking garage after having self parked, the best explanation they could offer was to valet park if I left and returned. Room was ok, bed was comfortable, room was not particularly large, view, which was supposed to be of the bay was marginal at best, and will further diminish once the condo being constructed next door is completed. If you want ice, prepare for a monumental hassle. No ice machines, the request has to be routed through room service. It took more than 20 minutes for a simple ice request to be honored. The Conrad attempts to be a very "high touch" property, but falls very short on execution, especially on minor things. They walked us to our room, spent several minutes explaining the features and amenities, told us that we had a choice of four newspapers in the morning, asked us which we desired. I indicated USA Today. I was greeted in the morning by a Miami Herald with a missing section. A seemingly minor thing, but after having wasted my time going through this entire "high touch" service process, they failed to deliver on something so simple and minor. Given the quality of the competition within a mile of this property, the Conrad is going to find it very difficult to compete, especially when they remove the introductory rates. "High touch" is fine in some cases, but if you can't execute, it becomes a monumental pain to all involved, especially the guest. I can't say that I will visit this property again, your money is probably better spent at the JW Marriott next door.

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