Faded Beauty A review of Pine Tree Point Resort

We were given free accomodations by a friend for an event at the Pine Tree Point Resort recently. Good thing it was free, because I would not have paid the asking price to stay there.


The view of the St. Lawrence was magnificent.

The food was quite good (brie in puff pastry with blueberry sauce, blackened tuna with acorn squash, fresh breads, etc.)

The hotel staff was friendly and went out of their way to help in a prompt manner.

They are environmentally conscious - recycled paper goods, a request of customers to replace only linens that are dirty, buildings are not environmentally intrusive.


This hotel needs a massive infusion of cash to bring it into the 21st century. Buildings are run down (paint peeling, decking rotting, peeling wallpaper), linens are old and threadbare, light fixtures don't work as often as they do (which makes me wonder about the wiring), decor is 1950s Catskill ersatz-Victorian (yuk), there are few personal amenities (only a bar of soap and an envelope of shampoo/conditioner), furniture sags, doors open the wrong way, etc.

There is a dog that wandered into the restaurant several times, as well as a chipmunk we learned was named Hoover (he sucks up whatever is on the floor). Health Department, anyone?

The management overworks the staff. There are too few to do too much, resulting in slow service and forgotten details.

THe hotel exudes a feeling of a faded beauty. It was obviously beautiful and elegant once, but is now completely worn out. It has potential if someones cares enough to fix it up.

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Pine Tree Point Resort
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