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Fabulous place. Not enough superlatives to describe it. The entry portico reminded us of the historic mansions in Florida...or a mini version of The Breakers...columns and palms. Josh Groban songs pumped outdoors and in the lobby. We were greeted quickly and used valet parking. We were charged $5 totally...don't know how they charge exactly...you might check if that's a concern. We were there two nights and took the car out shopping one morning. The lobby is very cool and sleek...serenely simple like a restful spa but high tech and creatively done. Decor is 40s/Arts and Crafts and top-of-the-creative-line...glass mosaic work in the restaurant and lobby restrooms; lighting fixtures in the restaurant that were like sculptures...one style is tiny color bulbs at the end of intertwined copper wire; wood and silver torchiere sconces in the halls. Amazing, intriguing carpet design in the halls throughout. And I can't forget the restaurant/lobby restroom sinks. Even they made an impression...the new kind where water pours out softly onto a flat stone surface and then to the ridge along the border...I didn't look further to see where it goes from there...I just admired the sink...like that little alter boy looking for water in the sink commercial.

On the top floor is where the infinity pool is...blue that does on forever from pool through clear wall around the rooftop seemingly out into the ocean beyond. The indoor pool is up on the rooftop too with a view of beautiful sunsets. Lots of thick towels in that area for guest use. There is a grill area outdoors on the rooftop also...wasn't in use yet since the wind made it cold up there in the spring. In the rooms are a wide array of toiletries, extra thick Martex towels, campaign style desk, deeeep drawers that are also longer back to front that any we've seen; built-in flat screen tv; great deep comfortable mattress and several actual soft pillows and white on white striped linens.

Our room had a double shower head plus a hand held; beautiful tile in the bathroom. Hairdryer, iron, etc. provided so we didn't have to pack much. The toiletries are Neutrogena. The desk chair is one of the antique styles with legs that have wheels on them; lots of electrical outlets, including two in the desk lamp. The sliding glass door has Arts and Crafts mullions, adding to the 'at home' look and has the usual handle lock as well as a very tight security bolt...and the balconies are not connected to each other, another good security measure. How often does someone come from another balcony? We've had it happen...a few years ago. I noticed that the space between balconies is just far enough that I don't think even someone with long legs could make it.

When we arrived in our room and saw the VIEW...the view...and realized we had forgotten our camera the bellman immediately offered to go across the street and get us a camera...get us ice...whatever we needed. The ocean view rooms are ideal. You get the full length view of the beach and ocean. The oceanfront is also a beautiful view of the ocean. The rooms on the two sides and the oceanfront have balconies. Those on the front/street side don't....but they do have a great full sunset view over a small lake across the street. The rooms on the sides also afford some sunset view. We stayed on the southern side. That allowed us to sit on the nice clean balcony with a cooling breeze, sip our coffee, read the TWO papers delivered to us...the local one and the USA Today....and sunbathe any time of the day. The northern exposure wouldn't allow for all day sunning on the balconies (not a consideration in the summer when you would rather go to the beach or rooftop pool). That side overlooks the soon-to-come Neptune Park. That will be a lovely park for concerts and shows, they say, 150 performances a year. They say it will be completed mid May.

The restaurant has wonderful food, lots of fish items, beautifully presented. We were told it is run by the Mahi-Mah people, and that is a very good restaurant too. This being a resort and the restaurant more elegant, even the 'casual' dining room was very elegant yet a convivial atmosphere. The even more elegant one had not yet opened last week but it would soon, they told us. Prices are good and in line with the general quality of the hotel....appetizers around $7-$9 and entrees around $15 - $32...but lots in the low to mid 20s. Desserts were delicious...bread pudding with a raspberry sauce swirled on the plate and chocolate caramel sauce on the side in a cute little glass, key lime pie, etc. ...home cookin' gone gourmet in some instances. Outside the restaurant are dining patios.

The concrete boardwalk goes right by the hotel of course. Across the street north and south are stores for stocking up some supplies - the ol' camera, lotion, quickie type food, sodas - and other dining choices like Subway and Blimpies and pizza, if the hotel doesn't do every night for the little ones....or bigger ones. There are also some nearby hotel restaurant choices as well so you don't feel you have to have every meal all week at one place. Soon to come are upscale shops directly across the street on what appears to be the ground level of the parking garage. A short walk away is a great grocer, Harris Teeter. For those who know it, it is a very nice one. We stopped by on the way out to get special cookies and chocolates to send to family for mom's day before it got too hot to send such items. I can't believe we forgot to check out the fitness center....but we were only there two nights and did a lot of walking.

Now, here's a great part. There was a problem in a finishing touch with our room so they moved us right away to another room. The hotel was full so all they had was a Club Level room:) Needless, to say that was okay with us. We were told the owner has the same bedding in his home as those rooms. The comforter was heavy and the bed was triple sheeted! Since we didn't get to pull down the comforter in our other room I don't know if all rooms are triple sheeted or just the Club Level rooms. In between the top two sheets on triple sheeted beds is usually a blanket...not here. Here, there is a feather blanket or thin comforter between the top two sheets. On the bed under the sheet is a wonderful thickly padded mattress topper. In the bathroom is a second plasma tv. On these floors there is a Club Room...free expanded continental breakfast...muffins, juice, lots of great fresh fruit, eggs, etc., coffee all day and cookies at night and special events on Tuesdays. There are lots of different newspapers -NY Times, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal, etc. and sofas around an extra large plasma tv. I believe there are three floors of Club Level rooms. Front desk...even with only us checking in at that point the woman was pre-occupied...same when we left and I stopped by the desk to ask for brochures for friends. The woman said "We did have some...they're all gone". It's almost as if front desk people in many many hotels have their minds on other jobs to do. We weren't greeted warmly, no have a nice time, etc. But we have discovered it is so often like that that as long as the front desk people are pretty decent we don't mind it...so as long as they do the job, don't worry about the front desk if they're pre-occupied. The rest of the hotel is fantastic.

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