Fabulous Phineas A review of Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast Inn

I stayed at the Phineas Swann most recently in July 2006 and previously in October and November 2005.

The owners, Jay and John, have completely renovated the interior of the house to the point that it is bordering on 'elegant' both in regard to the physical structure as well as the furnishings many of which are antiques.

I stayed in one of the carriage house suites during each stay with extremely comfortable bedding and numerous amenities.

The living room in the main house is very comfortable with a fire place and overstuffed furniture while the music room features a 'player piano' baby grand.

The den offers a large plasma TV and a great selection of DVDs.

The expanded dinning room/breakfast sun room adds immeasurably to the B&B experience.

The sumptuous breakfast is as close to 'gourmet' as a B&B can get and is more than satisfying.

The deck extends along the rear of the main house where it leads to a very pleasant screened-in gazebo with comfortable furniture ideally suited for visiting and relaxation.

Although I did not utilize it a hot tub is also attached to the deck.

Jay and John are wonderful hosts and are more than happy to make you feel at home in a relaxing, friendly setting.

I highly recommend Fabulous Phineas.

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